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The 4 Red Flags of Labor: Quick Reference Chart

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Although the majority of undisturbed births go smoothly, we should also be educated about legitimate reasons to transfer

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    What's in the Chart?

    Use this simple one-page guide to learn the 4 reasons you might need to transfer to the hospital during an unassisted birth, including:

    the 4 things that won't go back to normal with time (most things do, but these do not)

    which events truly require a medical professional, for your and your baby's safety

    information to give to your birth partner for his/her easy reference as well.

    Did you know? There are only 4 things that require a hospital transfer during a freebirth.

    I transferred during 2 of my attempted freebirths and actually didn't have to. I literally did not know that my reasons didn't fit the bill of "actual emergency" with all the information overload out there.

    If you're like most pregnant mamas I know, you've been scouring the internet for this vital knowledge. Please enter your info and get the chart today.