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  • Newborns. Baby Meets Potty is my minicourse about starting EC on day one (up to 3 months old). Most parents regret that they didn't start EC earlier. With over 30 bonus videos that show you exactly how I've pottied each of my 4 babies from day 1, including the very first poop, nothing is left to your imagination. (And the 2 newborn starting methods in this course are not found in my book.)
  • Nighttime. Nighttime EC 101 is all about how, and whether, to potty your baby in the wee hours of the night. Sometimes night pottying helps baby sleep. Sometimes it should absolutely not be done. Do you know the difference? This course shares about what to expect at various stages in your baby's life...all revolving around the mantra of doing EC at night only if it gets everyone better sleep...and how to do it. Definitely an art, not a science. (Plus you get my digital board book - Night Potty.)
  • Outings. EC While Out + About is my minicourse about extending EC to outings (and travel) with your baby. If I had a dime for every time a parent told me that outings are easier than EC at home...I'd be rich. This course is chock-full of example videos of how to do outings in planes, trains, and automobiles, on walks and hikes, and in the regular ole grocery store - with one baby or four children at once. (Ask me how I know.) You will love the freedom found in ECing on-the-go.
  • Potty Time. Potty Time Master is my minicourse about the "when" behind pottying your baby. More than 70% of babies stop signaling at some point or another. Which leaves parents feeling like a failure. But, wait! There are 3 other ways to know baby needs to potty, and I cover all 4 "roads" are extensively in this course. Add in some hands-on exercises and a bonus course on simplifying life...and you'll be a Master at Potty Time in no time.
  • Potty Pauses. Potty Pause Resolution will help you get thru that wretched potty pause, and on to more harmonious days. Everyone knows that potty pauses suck. This course takes what I teach about pauses in my book...and SuperSizes it. Just the bonus videos alone are enough to help you finally round the bend toward a more peaceful pottying situation (and future wrap-up). Because none of us know how to act, or what to do, when baby is freaking out (and we are doubting ourselves!).
  • Back on Track. Getting EC Back on Track is for parents who need to get EC going again after some time of inactivity (or disaster). Most of us fall off the wagon, at some point. The key is to get back on! I can not tell you how many parents come to me at 24 months of age and guiltily say, "Well, I fell off the wagon at around 8 months of age and we're still in disposables and all is lost!!! I'm a terrible parent!!" Let's prevent that from ever happening to you. I've included a full walk-thru video of how I did it with my daughter at 8 months old (when I'd gotten lazy).
  • Wrap Up. Wrapping Up EC will help you complete the EC process ("graduate") in 2 of 3 possible ways. I've seen EC drag on to 39 months. This course is like wrap-up magic. I share 3 ways to wrap up EC and go in-depth on two of them. We also touch on wrapping it up with daycare, nights, and outings. The bonus vids are fantastic (including my 3 yr old teaching your child every part of the routine). If you're ready to be done yesterday, take steps to be done today. (If you're here yourself a fave and learn this info today so you're prepared and stuff.)

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