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Hi there.

I'm Andrea Olson

I’m a mom of six children born over a span of thirteen years. Yes, in some ways, I'm a little nuts. Four of them were born at home, and three of those four were born unassisted - freebirth, they call it. I've spent over five years researching and collecting information on how to have a fulfilling, informed, and satisfying freebirth. I am also a Certified Holistic Doula.

With my fifth baby, when my midwife quit five days before my due date, and I ended up using the manuscript to my then-unfinished book to prepare me for an incredible, meant-to-be, unassisted birth. I've taught new parents how to potty their babies from birth with elimination communication for ten years. Now I teach YOU how to experience an undisturbed birth, whether at home or in hospital, assisted by a clinician or not.

[I also teach elimination communication over at Go Diaper Free and I sell small undies + potties at Tiny Undies. At MamaWorx, I help new mamas with tiny babies start businesses like mine. See you at any of these other places in your postpartum - or sooner if you wanna be prepared!]

andrea olson brave new birth

Hi there.

I'm Jaydee Azavari

Jaydee has worked in the realms of childbirth for over 20 years as an Independent Holistic Midwife and Midwifery instructor, providing authentic, instinctual, and spiritual perinatal support and education across North America.

She is the mom to five bio kids and one step-child. Four of her five children were born at home with Midwives, while the 3rd was a home freebirth.

Beyond birth, Jaydee has spent time working and playing as a Special Education & Homeschool Teacher, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Perinatal Brainspotting Therapist, and Board Member to Non-Profits such as Sacred Birthing, The Matrona Foundation, and The Global Leadership Network.

jaydee azavari

“When you are in hard labor, remember that the length of labor is usually proportional to the number of people around. Avoid the presence of anybody who might release adrenaline. The best situation I know for an easy birth is when there is nobody else around other than an experienced, motherly and silent midwife who does not behave like a guide or an observer.”

 –Michel Odent